Actor Bruce Dern Receives Legend Award at Gold Coast International Film Festival.

Yesterday evening, the Gold Coast International Film Festival honored actor Bruce Dern with its first ever Legend Award. Having played the gamut of antagonists in film, including that of sociopath, psychopath, and criminal, Mr. Dern is well-reputed for his “villainous”, nonetheless talented, reign in film.

As a man who trained with Elia Kazan, and amongst other film greats like Alfred Hitchcock, Lee Strasberg, Bette Davis, and others, Mr. Dern has amassed a wealth of tales, 11 of which he graciously shared with guests at the GCIFF award ceremony. Some stories were hilarious, while others were tragic, while yet others were inspiring. Touching upon his experiences with close-friend Jack Nicholson, Marilyn Monroe, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Ellen Burstyn, and others, one got the sense that the “Dernster”, as Nicholson and other film leaders affectionately refer to him, has truly seen it all.

Having earned his place as a legend in the film world, I encourage you to learn more about Mr. Dern’s diverse and accomplished career.